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Alan R. Motion, MBE, BScFor, FICFor, CEnv, MarborA

Tree Consulting Ltd

Chartered Forester, Arboricultural Consultant Scotland

“My experience as an arboricultural consultant with various local authorities, and established links with private tree owners, developers and house builders, provides a unique understanding of the value of trees and tree management as part of the urban environment.”

“Land owners, developers and local planning authorities can be assured that the professional advice given is of the highest standard, and focused on the needs of the tree and the wider environment. As a Chartered Forester, all advice is provided within the framework of a strict Code of Ethics, Professional Values and rules of Professional Conduct and Practice. As a result my work as a forestry consultant is delivered to the expected specification”.

Alan R Motion MBE, BScFor, FICFor, Cenv, MArborA

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“All tree surveys are provided digitally, from data capture through to the production of survey drawings, using industry standard CAD packages to ensure accuracy when transferring information between the professional woodland consultancy design team members.”

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